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Step 1: 

Watch this video about Amanda Wray 
and how she had amazing success with PLS and share this video 
with others. 

 So if you are excited enough to share PLS with others,
then you  DEFINITELY want to watch this video by our sponsor
and seven figure mentor Alan Cosens. It will be the difference between 
your success or not.
You also have access to Alans PLS Masterminds because
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Enjoy the video and take good notes. 
Its a business changing video!

Step 2:

 Take your business seriously and check out the Team Video each week and
Learn what you need from the best how to succeed in this marketplace!
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Join by going to https://AEMailer.CLUB and going to "WEBINAR" Tab

(Connect with Albie after the Team Video to ask your questions!)
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This LIVE presentation starts every
Wednesday at 10:00pm Eastern:
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7:00pm Pacific

Connect with Albie after watching
Team Video by texting: 

Step 3 
Go to Team Video Site at least once a week
and make a post at the Forum and share and connect with others. Post 
to "Welcome New Members".  Call or
connect with your sponsor each week.

Step 4

Learn the Five Critical Skills.
These 5 Critical Skills will teach you real marketing skills of 
working on the internet such as advertising, building your list etc. We 
do 99% of our marketing by sending out ads and responding to prospects 
who contact us from our email autoresponder messages.
There are three ways to learn these. Choose which way you wish to do:

1) Go to AEMailer.Club / Training Points and go through
each "Point" and learn them.
2) Get Coaching from OMA from Albie & Elizabeta
3) Get Mentoring from OMA with Albie & Elizabeta.

There are more info about coaching & mentoring by
clicking here

Step 5

Learn and grow more each day.
Read / listen to personal developement each day. Read 
this first: 

Understand that success online
is NOT EASY and takes real time, perserverence, learning real skills
and mastering them and becoming a successful 
person on the inside first before the outside situations change. 

Pass this website link on to your team! 
You can email us if you have any questions at the email below: 


Albie Derbyshire
Elizabeta Kuzevska
cell: 626-379-5692